Moara cu Noroc
Hanul Moara cu Noroc

Stopover at Hanul Moara cu Noroc

No one can stop you from driving as long as you want, but are you willing to take the huge risk of driving when tired? Hanul Moara cu Noroc allows you to arrive together with your family, friends or tourists fresh at home or in the long-dreamed vacation.

Hanul Moara cu Noroc is a unique stopover for the tourists in transit by car or by bus on national road DN7 connecting, coming from Romania, the Western part of the country and the border with Hungary.

Hanul Moara cu Noroc

The persons who travel from Deva to Arad can enjoy one evening at Moara cu Noroc and, in the morning, after breakfast, can continue their trip rested. For that, all they have to do is bypass for a few kilometers: from Paulis, they turn right and keep on going on road E68.

Deva towards Arad

If your journey is from Arad to Oradea, with a 30 km bypass, you can stay with us and we promise you shall not be disappointed. From Chisineu Cris turn left and keep the route to Ineu.

Arad towards Oradea

If you want to leave the country, you can do that through Varsand customs office, which is only 60 km far from Hanul Moara cu Noroc.

Towards the Varsand customs office

Either if you want to eat something really delicious, or if you are looking for a hotel, Moara cu Noroc promises you not to be disappointed and you shall enjoy a break you shall remember fondly.

Hanul Moara cu Noroc

Find out how many kilometers and how long you have to drive up to Hanul Moara cu Noroc

Hanul Moara cu Noroc