Moara cu Noroc
Hanul Moara cu Noroc

Dear friend

"Since, if we think about it, it is not the richness but the peacefulness of your shack that makes you happy"

Please be informed that, with extended efforts, we organized this very old place, and brought it back to life and purpose.

Many events took place here, faster or slower, as each person desired. And they shall keep on happening

So, my dear friend, throw away all negative feelings and have a sit. We shall give you a meal appropriate for an Emperor, manorial meals, or, if you want, food from the chow hall.

If you want to hydrate your throat and be more talkative, our attic is full of brandies and rotguts, and the head of the draft is shining on the counter.

If you feel the music makes you leave your chair, you can dance and merry.

So, come in and then leave a man and a half from Moara cu Noroc, the pride of Ineu and of the Arad county.

  • Moara cu Noroc
  • Moara cu Noroc
  • Moara cu Noroc
  • Moara cu Noroc
  • Moara cu Noroc

And you must also find out that our food is prepared only from natural ingredients, so we are proud to serve ORGANIC products!

Hanul Moara cu Noroc

Restaurant with menu a la carte

1. Starters

1.1. Beef carpaccio

Beef carpaccio with rucola, dry tomatoes and parmesan.

1.2. Local cold delicacies from the larder

Cottage cheese, sweet sheep's cheese, hard cheese, mosaic salami, golden roasted scraps, liverwurst, blood pudding, larder, home-made sausage, red onion, tomatoes, cucumber.

Hanul Moara cu Noroc

2. Salad

2.1. Tuna salad

2.2. Smoked duck breasts salad

Hanul Moara cu Noroc

3. Peasant goodies

3.1. Home-made sausages with polenta

Sausages fried in pork lard, eggs, grilled polenta, sheep cheese.

Hanul Moara cu Noroc

4. Inn's specialties

4.1. Local warm delicacies

Sliced snitzel, fried pork sausage, grilled pork nape, sliced beef tenderloin, Romanian sausages, golden fried potatoes, rice and vegetables, grilled veggies, tempered red cabbage.

4.2. Gourmet plate !

Smoked pork fillet, chicken roll, filled with emmentaler and bacon, covered in prosciutto crudo, pork chop with mushrooms, cheese and ham Parisian snitzel, indented lard slices, rice, tempered veggies, baked potatoes, red cabbage

Hanul Moara cu Noroc

5. Chef’s specialities

5.1. Pfeffersteack

Bull tenderloin marinated in herbs, coocked in pan, green pepper sauce and mashed potatoes.

5.2. Duck leg with red cabbage and plums

Duck leg marinated in red wine and baked in the oven, served with red cabbage stewed in red wine, apple juice and cinnamon served with dry plums and stewed potatoes and onion.

Hanul Moara cu Noroc

6. Our recommendations for lunch

6.1. Chicken in Robbin Hood's style

Half chicken, slightly smoked, coocke in oven, backed potatoes with dill and garlic, grilled polenta and pickled cabbage salad.

6.2. White beans with pork knuckle

6.3. Mouton cutlets with green beans

4 pc - mouton cutlets.                              

6.4. Shepherd's mouton special

Sheep pastry, grilled polenta.                        

Hanul Moara cu Noroc

7. Grilled meat and international dishes

7.1. Pork fillet from the oven

Pork fillet marinated in mustard and white wine grilled and then fried in the oven.

7.2. Spare ribs

Spare ribs marinated in beer and baked in oven, baked potatoes, dill, garlic and barbeque sauce.

7.3. Burger Black Angus

Home-made bread, bacon, pickles, cheese, potatoes backed in oven with dill and garlic.

7.4. Grilled Black Angus

Hanul Moara cu Noroc

8. Fish specialities

8.1. Grilled carp

Grilled carp, grilled polenta and garlic sauce.

8.2. Baked perch

Perch, mashed apple, capers sauce.                        

8.3. Salmon baked in oven

Salmon baked in oven, creamy rice with parmesan and butter lemon sauce.

Hanul Moara cu Noroc

9. Sour soups and soups

9.1. Beans sour soup

Beans sour soup with smoked meat and thyme served in bread.

9.2. Beef gulyas

Hanul Moara cu Noroc

10. Italian pasta

10.1. Carbonara

Guancialle, egg, grancucina.                        

10.2. Al funghi

Forest mushrooms, garlic and cream.

Hanul Moara cu Noroc

11. Pizza

11.1. Pizza Moara cu Noroc

11.2. Pizza con Tutto

11.3. Pizza Dolce Vita

Hanul Moara cu Noroc

12. Dessert

12.1. Chocolate cake

12.2. Cheese donuts

12.3. Profiterole

Hanul Moara cu Noroc
Hanul Moara cu Noroc
Restaurant Moara cu Noroc
Restaurant Moara cu Noroc
Restaurant Moara cu Noroc
Restaurant Moara cu Noroc
Restaurant Moara cu Noroc
Restaurant Moara cu Noroc
Hanul Moara cu Noroc